Shalom Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist church

Located at 64 East Felton Street, North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Our Church began in October 2003 when we began meeting in the homes of some of our members.  God has blessed us tremendously as we seek to love, honor and serve Him.

You can expect the following at Shalom Baptist Church
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Bible Preaching
Christ Honoring
A Place For Everyone

We at Shalom Baptist Chruch are not ashamed of Jesus Christ.  We preach and teach the unchanging truth of the Bible without confusion or compromise.  We believe that the Bible is applicable to everyday life and is the tool through which god speaks to mankind.

We sing the true hymns of the faith and Christian songs that glorify Jesus Christ.  Music that has been proven to stir and challenge the heart.  The music at Shalom ministers to the soul, mind and body.

From the respected senior citizen to the brand new infant baby, there is a place for everyone at Shalom.  Our nursery is staffed by well qualified workers.  Parents can be assured that their children will be lovingly cared for.  This will allow them to focus completely on the Lord as we worship together.  Older children are invited to learn in age appropriate classes during each service.  Teens can fellowship with other young people who love the Lord and are seeking to serve Him.  Adults have the opportunity to be strengthened and encouraged through Bible teaching and preaching.  Let us help you find your place in our church family.

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A Friendly Loving Spirit
Visitors are always guest of honor at Shalom.  We would be thrilled to have you come to one of our services.  We would be delighted to help you find the answers to life's questions and to help you take the next spiritual step.